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A Law Enforcement

Knowledge Management Application

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Rahway, NJ 07065.

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You're a good cop.  

Screen Sergeant will make you a great one.

Incident  Response

Don't let stress or a lack of training stop you from being the great officer you're meant to be.  Use Screen Sergeant's audible instructions to remind you of what to do before you get to the call.  Listen to the instructions again, once you've finished the call to make certain you've done it right.  You're a good cop.  Using the Screen Sergeant app will make you a great one.


Select the Incident Type and listen while Screen Sergeant reminds you of the best way to handle the call

Incident Response


More than just an app...

You're a good cop, doing a tough job.  ScreenSergeant gives you the tools you need to do your job right, the first time.  While you focus on getting there safely, we give you audible reminders of what to do once you get there.  ScreenSergeant is more than just an app, this knowledge management resource gives you access to:

...Audible instructions that serve as tactical and procedural reminders, Floor plans of your jurisdiction's critical infrastructure, Laws statutes and local ordinances, Training videos..and much more.

Additional Features

Training Videos

Supervisor Tools

Legal References



For Law Enforcement Use Only

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Don't just be a good cop, be a great one!

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